An exhibition of objects broken and mended over the course of a calendar year, inspired by the work of Julia Gartrell and the Radical Repair Workshop. 
Things Broken in the Night highlights weaving as a mending technique to engage in the physical act of resistance that is mending, even if the object is not restored to its previous condition. They become something else, pieces that call into question materiality, wear-and-tear, and the value we attach to objects. From a bike seat to a bed sheet to several, very ordinary household items, gaps are filled in organically and intuitively; or else left open, holding the space of the rift open. Visitors of the exhibit were invited to reflect on things broken in their own lives—physical or intangible—and think of ways to mend them.
The 12 objects were on view in the intimate smallness of the M2 Mezzanine Gallery in the Anderson Gallery February 23 - March 9, 2022.
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