Presenting anything outside of its original environment offers the unique challenge of recapturing the energy with which it was created, while also acknowledging that it has physically moved locations. In some cases, it may feel wrong or out of place to show something that was made with a certain amount of site specificity, while in others, the place where it was made has little to no impact on the piece. With this collection of work, however, it is the former. 

The knit envelopes arranged on the wooden structure contain the materials I found on walks and in my immediate surroundings in Iceland. Similar to the way a sealed letter is a secret known only by the sender and the recipient, these works hold the moments that I experienced. They are singular things, resisting a frame, table, or being pinned to a wall, and are small, but demand something large to hold them. The open design of the frame was worked off of a memory of a wall they once rested on. Here, they rest on it again.
Wood, wool
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