My work addresses time and the materials that it can adhere to. I work with fibers because they often do this without any help. I think of the smell of my father’s sweater, the small hole in the quilt I slept under as a baby, and the hairs left behind by my grandfather in his cap. When knitting or stitching, if something does not work the first time, I am able to unravel it and immediately start again. I often knit in complete silence, with only the soft rhythm of my hands. The work I make is about this kind of slow-hand correspondence, words, and seeking to start a silent conversation with the viewer. When I stop moving fast and begin to look closely at what is around me, I always see text and textiles. Working with used stamps and postcards queues up thoughts of all the letters ever sent and messages received and connections made across impossible distances. Similar to the way a sealed letter is a secret known only by the sender and the recipient, works hold experiences that I am posting to you. I want you to look closely, and find a memory.​​​​​​​
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